Who is Rob?

Since the end of 2006, I have been involved in smaller projects and assignments mainly with advertising photography in the music industry.Besides documentation, photography also has an artistic aspect for me. A photo should not just be a simple representation of the situation, but also reflect the mood and, if possible, a spatial depth. For these reasons it may take longer sometimes until the picture is in the box as desired.

I have taught myself the photographic techniques and tried out new things from time to time. I like to use specific focus gradients as a design tool – that’s why many of my pictures are created with high speed lenses and open aperture.

Some of my photos have been published on the websites of musicians, now and then there is also a publication in the music press (Bluesnews, GoodTimes) or daily and weekly newspapers (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Focus). I also design promotional material and advertisements for musicians and accompany CD productions, starting from photos in the studio, on stage or portraits up to the complete art direction of CDs and booklets. I am also regularly booked as a tour photographer.

Besides my work as a photographer I also work as a trainer and consultant.