headshot portrait

Headshot Session No 2

Ron Evans

One day before the gig in the Village I had the opportunity to take some quick headshots of the musicians of the Ron Evans Group. I had brought two studio lights with a softbox and a foldable background for this purpose. Two flashes were also in the luggage for safety’s sake, but I didn’t use them. The majority of the headshot setups uses three or four light sources and various flash settings, but I intentionally kept it very simple for this time. I also didn’t photograph directly into the computer, but only to the SD card in the camera which was mounted on the tripod. With the screen of the laptop one sees of course more of the result. A small remaining risk that I compensated a little bit by a sufficient number of pictures taken.

The band was in the rehearsal room in Munich and we arranged to meet there. After I had finished my setup and already had some photos of Hanns Christian Müller in the box (more of them later), the band took a break and relaxed a bit. I had recommended black or grey t-shirts or shirts and everyone had the right outfit with him. One after the other the musicians stepped into the spotlight for a few minutes and followed my instructions.

In the order of their creation I present the selected pictures here. I had sent each of the musicians three pictures to choose from and then slightly reworked the details of the chosen pictures as needed. With Capture Pro this works much better for me than with Lightroom and Photoshop. I then created colour and monochrome variants. And although most of the headshots are used in colour, here I brought the monochrome versions with me. I simply like them a bit better.

The 90mm lens is really a class of its own. The aperture for the shots moves between 5.6 and 6.3, so the eye area and the face is always in focus and everything behind slowly glides into the desired blur. In the meantime, the pictures have also found their use on the band’s website.

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