Headshot Session No 1

Today I have some pictures from my first headshot session last weekend. I had put together the following light setup: two 500 watt spotlights with softboxes, which I had set to 45%, diagonally to the left and right of the model, and an older 250 watt spot with a white shade, with which I shed some light from below. As a background served and alternately the white wall or a foldable black background. The Leica SL was directly connected to my laptop and Lightroom via a tether cable, so that both myself and my model got quick feedback on the results.

I find the topic of headshot very exciting, because you are really required as a photographer. When the workstation (camera, light, PC) is properly prepared and the model then steps in her place, it’s all about the purposeful communication with the model.  We have tried different positions, the model has adjusted look, face pressure and head position again and again according to my (and indeed their) wishes and I have experimented with various aperture settings to develop a feel for the new lens.

Actually, I intended to put the camera on the tripod, but the quick release plate was not found. Well, the SL with the APO-90 is not as hard as it can not handle that out of hand.  For some shots, I had also screwed a monopod, which also helps to keep the height and position in the same range.

For the post-processing of the pictures, I tried the first time Capture One today. I had read about the possibilities of skin tone adjustments, and indeed that’s an effect that really makes work a lot easier. However, you have to be prepared for a slightly different workflow, but in the end makes the construction of Capture One for me a lot of sense. I probably will not say goodbye to Lightroom right away, but in the medium term that’s a goal.

Only “Dodge & Burn” I still do in Photoshop, but I’m about to build a variant directly from Capture One, so that I may even be able to do it without Photoshop altogether. Let’s see if that succeeds. Of the slightly more than 450 photos that have been created, these three have made it into the article:

The images I cut in the format 4: 3 – one format that is especially taken for headshots.  I am very sparing with the adjustments here. In addition, there are two snapshots from the studio, which I left in the format 3: 2:

In any case, we had a lot of fun – although the model in the pictures looked very critical above
It was very instructive for me and the first pictures can be quite like me see. I am working on my checklist for the course of a headshot appointment, there is a lot of information on the net and of course the book by Peter Hurley, which I had obtained some time ago. We also want to vary the topic of eye make-up a bit.

The next but one weekend we are back in the studio. And next weekend portraits are on the program. I’m also thrilled with the APO Summicron SL 90 – I have rarely made so few adjustments in post-processing as with this lens.

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