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JAGUAR XK Calendar

At the end of the year I selected 12 photos showing the JAGUAR XK and arranged them as a calendar.

The XK is just a timeless and beautiful 2+2 convertible.

This is the last GT by Jaguar – the current F-Type is not really a replacement as a short two-seater. I am curious what we will see in the next few years in this direction from the island.

The vehicle shown here was registered in 2013 and has a mileage of just over 28,000 km. Most of the photos were taken in Denmark and North Frisia. In December, the musician Ron Evans can be seen in front of the vehicle. That photo has been used several times for publications and has a good chance of becoming the cover for Ron’s next CD production.

The calendar is available in DIN A3 format in several languages and with public holidays by region, the starting month can be chosen flexibly. If interested, write me a message.

The selling price in the art print version (production by Saal-Digital) is 39,95 € incl. sales tax plus 3,95 € shipping (Germany), production only after payment in advance, Delivery time 4-6 working days.

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