Hasselblad X1D-50c (Part 2)

A beautiful sunny day led us to the little town Müden, located in the Lüneburger Heide. We took a nice walk, following the Heidschnuckenweg and the little river Örtze.

In the afternoon we were looking for a late lunch and ended up in Faßberg, a few miles north from where we started. There is an airport from which 1948/49 the Berlin airlift was supported. Right next to our lunch site there was the Luftbrückenmuseum, a memorial with an old Douglas C-47 A-80 DL “Skytrain” aircraft, build 1944. A very nice exhibition there, and also two blocks of the Berlin wall. This is where the last shots were taken.

I took 157 photos with the X1D. Although I had the impression that I was doing better today, I was really disappointed with a lot of shots when I saw them on the computer screen.

The biggest issue is focussing. Using autofocus on moving objects fails very often. And even with portraits or stills I had a lot of issues. Through the camera everything looked fine and in focus, back home most of the shots had a back-focus. Something I have to discuss when I return the camera tomorrow.

Those shots that are in focus where I wanted the focus have a high quality, nice colour rendering and dynamic range. I have 16 pictures from today.

My final impression: a nice and ergonomic camera with some serious issues to me which prevent me from getting it. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I even did some handling mistakes myself. I will follow the experience of others using the X1D, see what firmware improvements will bring in the future and how the announced lenses will perform.

I am still very happy with my Leica Ms and the Q. But I was very curious and simply had to try out the Hasselblad X1D. Glad I did it, and good it was a rent and no sales person standing behind me. And now I very much appreciate again what you already have in my bag.

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