50 mm automobile city colour

Dodge Challenger

I found this nice classic car in Munich on June 11th while walking along Maximilianstraße. A ticket was already on the windshield below the wiper, the car stood here probably for quite a while. Or was it a receipt from the pay-and-display machine?

I have the photos in two versions: 1st almost original, only slight adjustments in Lightroom, 2nd with a development in Nik ColorEfex Pro. That changes the mood and the light significantly, but I think it fits also quite well to the subject.

And of course I had to think about “Vanishing Point”…

As you can see here on a photo by Julian Rudolf there were already two tickets on the windshield. The car was slightly moved to the front also. I was passing this spot at 10 a.m., Julian took his shot in the evening.

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