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The Leica Meet, London

I learned about The Leica Meet through their very active facebook group. It’s one of the hot spots for Leica enthusiasts to share and discuss photos. There is also a flickr group and of course their very well maintained web site where you find the announcements for Leica Meets around the world as well as articles and galleries from the various meetings held so far.

Now what’s the Leica Meet about? This is the slogan from their website:

A group. A photographic philosophy. A bunch of friends.

The Leica Meet is a group of Leica photographers that meet up. Simple really. We get together every month or so in different locations and shoot, share experiences, chat, learn and laugh.

And this is also exactly what I found when I showed up in London on May 6th, 2015. I didn’t know anybody in person, with some I was friends already via facebook, and I wrote via the website that I would like to show up and got an answer immediately.

I went to the Monmouth Coffee Shop near Borough Market that day – a lot of people there with a Leica hanging around their neck already  It was amazing to see how many photographers showed up! Some from London, some from England and Scotland, France, the US … A very international crowd, all speaking one language: Leicaphotographics

This is amazing how a tool and the underlying philosophy is able to connect people all over the world. The Meet was joined by a team from Amateur Photographer Magazine, there was Eileen McCarney Muldoon from the US, there was Jono Slack showing up with a the new Leica Monochrome (246) and of course there where Gavin Mills, Olaf Willoughby and Stephen Cosh – the three are the group contacts presented on The Leica Meet website. Plus the Leica Store UK send a colleague armed with a Noctilux that could be tested

After meeting in the group Olaf explained us the plan for the day, where we would walk and where we would meet again in the afternoon. We started out around Borough Market, which is a great spot to get your shooting to operating temperature. After we picked up some lunch at the market most of us met again at the cathedral and from there we went in smaller groups along South Bank towards Westminster and met again late afternoon at the Leica Store Mayfair.

I have some photos from the day below, there are in total four albums:

  1. The Photographers – this was taken around Borough market when we met
  2. My Photos – this is a collection of what I shot during the walk to Mayfair
  3. Get together at the Leica Store in Mayfair – this is from the late afternoon, when we were invited to drinks and snacks by the Leica Store also
  4. A walk after work the next day – these are some shots I took the next evening. I was working from our London office two days after The Meet.

Any Leica photographer who likes to be around with like-minded people should watch the website and check the dates – I can highly recommend it. This event was so inspiring and I met so many nice people in person – not only via a social network. It’s so nice when this comes all together – on-line and off-line community and the possibility to see what others have seen in the same area while you were walking and talking.

A big thank you to The Leica Meet team and friends and everybody who was around to make this day a success. Thank you also to Leica Store Mayfair for their hospitality. Looking forward to the next meet – for me this will be in Wetzlar. Unfortunately I cannot make it to NYC – if you have a chance to be around in NYC on June, 11th – go and have some fun!

Below now my photos – there is also a nice gallery with shots from the photographers from that day on The Leica Meet website.

The Photographers


My Photos


Get together at the Leica Store in Mayfair


A walk after work the next day

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