100 mm black & white macro

Analogue and Digital

Both is possible, even in combination. Although I’m still working on an optimised work flow for digitalisation.

The last two films were developed by Rossmann, I also haven chosen the archive CD, but the scans can be used only for web purpose or instead of a contact sheet. Another lab in Hanover was tested by me before, the scans were not much better. A third lab did a contact sheet , this was nice, but in the long run this is too expensive.

The best and fastest results I achieved by taking photos of the negatives. Bellows system on the tripod (this was initially one for the Leica R3), a Novoflex slide copy attachment in front of it and the negative attached to the clip.

This works fine, but: some problems with dust, the lamp is a little too low and for the negative strips I have to get some mount. i also have not found the optimal adjustment between lens/bellows/optional close-up converter yet, but the first results look quite promising.

In Lightroom I created some pre-sets for the negative-positive conversion plus some variants of it.

And this is how the pictures look like. Taken with the Leica M6, Summicron-M 50, Orange-Filter, digitalisation with the Leica M(240), APO Macro-Elmarit-R 100 and the set-up shown above:

Real prints for the wall will be done by a real lab, probably by that one who did the contact sheet

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