The first order at the Leica-Fotopark

Today UPS arrived at my door delivering my first order at the Leica-Fotopark. And I had the large-format (112 x 63 cm) print on Ilford paper with lamination on aluminum Dibond plus framing ordered only at the 28.11. in the evening at 21:30 clock. At the laboratory at Whitewall production is apparently running even on weekends

The packaging was very stable – but then you have to take a little time to pull the metal brackets from the wooden frame one by one.

Of course I wanted you to give you an impression – that’s why there are a few pictures from the unpacking and the finished product. The result pleases me very much! Crisp contrast and very nice rendition of the gray values plus the beautiful frame (wood with aluminum coating).

I use the Leica-Fotopark as a portfolio and present only pictures there that I would see also as a product on the wall.

My pictures have been uploaded in full resolution which gives me the chance to configure a print with a few clicks for the production at Whitewall. This is unrivaled at the moment in this streamlined form. Prices correspond exactly to those at Whitewall.

Photos at the Leica-Fotopark can be organised and viewed in project folders, or as a stream, similar to other photo networks.


Photos from other photographers can be favored or rated positively, if the photographer has set them as public . Alternatively you can view popular photos directly as a stream.

Photos can be viewed and subscribed to by category:


Similarly, one can follow the individual photographers:


In order to use most functions a registration is required. Basic membership is free and already offers 10GB of memory. Maybe we will meet there soon?

PS: Also to be found at Leica Fotografie International as Master Shot.

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