35 mm architecture black & white city documentation

On Tour in Asia – Shanghai Blackandwhite

I was 5 days on a business trip to Asia, start was in Kuala Lumpur. The last two days I spent in Shanghai and on the first night we were driving and walking with our host in the city center. He has led us in the brief time span to all the magical points that you must see. In any case I got hungry for more Shanghai. On the second evening before flying back we also had time for a little shopping tour. Shanghai left a very strong impression on me! The skyline is unique and has often reminded me of New York and Chicago, but also the traffic is reminiscent of the American metropolitan cities.

The GM brand Buick is over-proportionally represented – our driver had a Buick GL8, but noticeable above all are the models Regal and LaCrosse. And then of course the uncountable taxis from VW production shape the street scene. In between all that repeatedly luxury vehicles of well known European manufacturers. I have seen also Peugeot and Citroen – in Shanghai they are more often found than in Germany.

Here is a small selection of my photos of these two nights. You can see the TV tower and the famous skyscrapers in the financial center. There are also some pictures from a shopping mall where the formerly traditional British brand MG had a stand on which the new model range was presented. But even a classic from the 60s could be seen – the MB B GT. The way back to the airport we took the Maglev train.

For this trip I had only the Leica M with the 35 and 50 Summicrons packed in my luggage. I was shooting the whole time exclusively with the 35mm, all photos from the hand without a tripod, the architectural shots with sometimes quite long shutter speeds and ISO 2000. Anyway, Aperture is mostly wide open when I shoot, just for the skyline panorama I stopped a little down.

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