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Mail from Wetzlar

After 8 weeks a Leica M is in the house.

My M9 did non get repaired after a sensor defect (4 years, 50.000 Photos), but Leica was so kind and offered me an upgrade to the M with some extra payment for me. This M(240) arrived today – together with a Summicron-M 50.

This lens is a very special one from 2003, a 50-years-Summicron-50-anniversary model, technically based on model 11826 from 1979 (type IV), optically it is a type II, which was available from 1956 onwards. If you want to know more check the Thorsten Overgaard oder Ken Rockwell.

I bought the lens 2nd hand, but it is like new, probably it has been sitting the last 12 years in a box on a shelve. Now I will take it out every day to get some fresh air

Of course you can see the first test photos

  1. Interesting. It sounds like Leica are overcome with the sensor issue on the M9 and have either given up on it, or wish to reduce the angst by converting customers to the M type 240.

    I guess I’m lucky my sensor was replaced when it was.

    That looks like a great combination.

  2. Scott Gregory

    Robert, I would like to know if you can direct me to information that tells of the optical design for the 2003 50 mm Summicron anniversary edition you show. I have that lens and was fortunate to buy it as new from a dealer in NYC in 2003. I have always been under the impression that the lens optically was the same as the 1979 version 4 of the 50 lineage. I have been trying to find out information about this as I always wondered if I was right or if it was indeed optically set up as version 2 of the 50’s. Any comments or help you can provide would be very appreciated. Enjoy that lens,
    Scott Gregory
    London, Ontario

    • Scott,

      I think this might be a misunderstanding what ‘optically’ means here. What I wrote above and what should be correct is what I found on Thorsten Overgaard’s site – his lens compendium, link also above.

      ‘Optically’ in my little text had the meaning of ‘look’ – and ‘technically’ had the meaning of what you called ‘optically’ in your comment, I guess.

      So to sum it up: we are both right but the word ‘optically’ has more than one meaning if it comes to lenses and their design. Even ‘design’ does not solve this, so better call it ‘look’ here.

      Here is the original text from my lens manual:

      This special edition of the SUMMICRON-M 50mm f/2 “50 Jahre SUMMICRON” uses the present series’ proven optics [comment: which is the 1979 Type IV]. Its special silver chrome finished brass mount was designed to resemble the original version. Therefore, it does not have a build-in lens hood, and its distance and aperture setting rings are only knurled section-wise as it was common at the time.

      I love this lens! I have a chrome Summicron-35 as well, and I shoot a lot with the Noctilux 0.95 And before all that I actually started with a Summulix-M 50. The soft bokeh of the Summicron is outstanding, well the one from the Noctilux as well but very different. But the Summicron then is so lightweight and just fun. I will have mine 6-bit coded when I stop the next time in Wetzlar. And maybe the front part feels a little bit loose compared to my other Leica lenses.

      Greetings from Germany to Canada,

      • Scott Gregory

        Thanks Rob for your comments. And yes, greetings from Canada as well, to Germany. I too love the lens and I have found since I purchased in 2003 that the front part seemed a bit loose as well. I have never sent it back to have it looked at, but may in the not too distant future. But it works great and I love the out of focus look as well.
        I am looking to try and find a version 11 of the summicron to use but they are getting harder to find, at least where I live.
        Take care and enjoy that new M. I have an M9 and have been talking to a dealer in Montreal about an M.

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