50 mm black & white portrait

Short portrait shoot in the stairway

This afternoon’s visitor in Langenhagen-Kaltenweide:
Ron Evans stopped by – for a brief photo shoot – in transit from the North Sea towards the Alps. Actually we wanted to take pictures outside, but the weather did not play along.

So indoors – but where? The portrait studio is not finished yet, but I had then considered that the staircase might be a nice backdrop. I wanted to bring some depth and dynamics to the images. So I quickly set up two mini-lights with reflector and then it went off.

I had the M9 with the Summicron-M 35 and the A7r with the Noctilux-M alternately for shooting – the six pictures here are all with A7r. Although this one is very fast in terms of image sequence, focussing the Nocti is also here not (yet) a breeze. But there are still some usable shots as result

Here are two picture galleries, one as black & white and one as colour development.

  1. Are you using focus peaking or just plain eye via the viewfinder? I haven’t tried focus peaking yet.

    • I’m using focus peaking and magnification – but I’m not sure what works best for now. Sometimes it seems there is a little front focus. It’s definitely no point and shoot and I have to work on that. Thought it would be more reliable. But I enjoy some features compared to the M9, especially the speed. Have still to get used to all the different menus and settings also.

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