35 mm architecture automobile colour

The Amazon and the Lighthouse

Also to be found at Leica Fotografie International as Master Shot.

  1. Jens Hedevang

    Hi Rob

    I just found your picture on google. It’s a reallynice picture with a nice lighthouse and a nice car.
    I am the proud owner of the car that I drive many miles each year. I also working at the lighthouse, where I am the lokal ranger. It’s fun to find a picture of it on your website:-)
    I’m doing an article about my car to the Danish volvo amazon club. May I use the photo for free to my article, or do I need to pay anything?

    with best regards

    Jens Hedevang
    Bovbjerg Lighthouse

    • Hi Jens,
      thank you for your message
      Of course you can use the photo. I will senden you a link tonight with a high resolution version that can be used for prints. I have some additional photos that I will attach as well.
      Best regards,

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