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In search of the perfect camera strap.

Finally! This could have been invented earlier!

Today in the mail: the Artisan & Artist ACAM-E25R that I have ordered May 21st at Monochrom in Kassel – I have been a long time in search of THE perfect camera strap and now I would claim THIS is it!
I had opted for the version in khaki. Red was too flashy, black too monotonous . But it is nice to have three colors to choose from! The delivery time was advised with three weeks because it is a completely new product – now it was already there.

The first installation on the camera is – as always with a solution that uses key rings – a little fiddly, but after that – the flexibility that I’ve missed with other straps was just there
My previous camera straps were either too short or did not really adapt that quickly as needed. Occasionally, I was also shooting with a hand strap – but that was too annoying in the long run, as you have to give the camera too often out of your hand.

Why the strap is so great? This is best shown by this video:

Or check the video done by Steve Huff:

  1. Looks good. I have a range of straps, but my main one is a Lance Camera Strap. It is braided polyester to resemble the A&A braided silk straps but Lance will make it in any length you want, so it is in the perfect length for me which is important. But this one looks easy to adjust which other straps are not so this should be very practical.

    • I didn’t know about the Lance Camera Strap – looks also very interesting, especially the Adjustable Neck Strap. Probably not so quickly adjusted but with the nice braided look. A strap that someone is comfortable with is pretty important I would say – it has to fit almost like a shoe. If this is not the case you won’t take the camera out. Good to see so many strap manufacturers picking this up and improving their products with new variations.

      • I like customisation. I even have a winter strap from Lance that is a little bit longer to go over my jacket or overcoat. I wear my M9 strap like a seat belt.

  2. You convinced me. I bought one.

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