50 mm black & white city portrait

Café Vélo, Hanover – espresso in the spring sun

Café Vélo always in high spirits

This Sunday the Hanover Marathon took place. I arrived in the late afternoon in the city and took a ride with the bike to the Maschsee. Some streets were still closed, people were busy cleaning up the city after the event.

Amin and his Café Vélo
Amin and his Café Vélo

The weather was perfect to complete the weekend with an espresso or cappuccino at the lake. Amin was still there with his Café Vélo. This time not with woolen cap and winter jacket, but with summer hat and T-shirt.

The coffee was excellent as always, the mood and the light late this afternoon as well, and so we shot a few pictures for the “Café Vélo album”.

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