50 mm city colour

Spring is back.

Today a different approach Everything in color

After this grim winter a few days sunshine were enough – to start a blaze of colours outside. On lunch break I took a short walk through the nearby allotments to catch some impressions with the camera.

The chestnut trees unfold their leaves. At the moment everything looks still very tender, but in a few days they will again form proper roofs.


I am particularly impressed every year by the flowers of the magnolias. They could blossom so beautiful all year long…

White and Purple

A very dominant colour spot in many hedges at the moment is the forsythia. Especially nice if the bushes have already become very large.


Along the wayside there are also things going on. The dandelion finds its way under the most adverse circumstances and provides yellow dots on the images.

Yellow Spots

Yellow Spots

The pictures here were shot in the allotments “Lange Hop” and “Hahnenburg” in Hanover. Some of the little houses are still lying there like a sleeping beauty.

Pink Gateway


Towards the end of the short walk the sun has already cleared away and it’s raining now. To let the colours hopefully shine even stronger next week

All pictures with the Noctilux-M, development with some minor adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.

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