Again: Old Love (II) French Connection

Maybe this is going to be a new series here on my blog if I’m that lucky like the last weeks
Yesterday I was touring through Hamburg, around noon a business meeting near the ariport, afterwards I took my time and was walking through the city. The weather still cold but sunny. And close to the end of my walk in the Hafencity this:

Unmatched Pair

No, not the black Ferrari with the ticket on the windshield – this was interesting for the other folks around.

My vision encountered the Citroën CX parked behind – not an ordinary CX but a “Prestige”. Lovers will notice this by the black vinyl top immediately.

Anybody following my blog here can image my happy feelings. Similar to that described in “Old Love” recently.

Long time no see

How that? Well, at the beginning of my report about the DS 5 I gave a little retrospect on my personal “automobile history”. And there the CX shows up three times.

This is my old love from my motorist youth.

My father is not entirely innocent in this – because I took over the first CX from him. And after this first one I got two more. He himself had three CX after the first one – and the last one was a Prestige…

Citroën CXXL

But this is a real fancy XXL car. The classic CX has already been a design icon, but the Prestige model is again something special. The long side line with the large rear doors, plus a classic limousine’s vinyl top as the cherry on the cake. Unique.

Beats the pants of the Ferrari

The flashy Ferrari parked in the front looks pretty old compared to the CX. The rear design of the Citroën CX contains very own and eye-catching details – like the predecessor DS. For example the convex form of the rear window, which keeps it clean without a wiper.

Convexe rear windows - the hallmark

And the face is also striking unique. Polarizing – as most of the vehicles of this manufacturer.

I have been sold on this design and comfort in the old days already.

Quite in contrast to the technology that has driven me almost to madness repeatedly. But this is a different story, these memories are pretty much faded

Sharp vision

The sun comes out again in the Kaiserkai for the farewell picture – and at the end of the road outweigh the waves of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall.

Goodbye, old Frenchman.

The old love is expected to be 30 soon – and still looks very good from here. And is found as rare as e.g. a BMW 3.0 CSi.

In the evening light

See also the CX page at Wikipedia for more information.

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