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Old Love

Not to be misunderstood: this article is not about (Hanover’s soccer club) 96

The pictures were taken in Hanover, but the rest is not necessarily connected to Hanover. I was on the way through the city when I encountered a familiar face: the BMW 3.0 CSi.


What a surprise, what a sight! Like meeting an old love after decades.

“Hey, you’re looking very well – haven’t changed over the years!” “Thank you


But when you are facing each other on the street you notice that the times have been changing. From the background one of this SUV monsters with the four rings is approaching. The youth of today. But we, in the early to mid 40s, stay cool…


3.0 CSi – this number and letter combination was in the early 70s of the last century the embodiment of a dream for many drivers. And of course for auto enthusiastic children. I started going to school these days and this car was the hero of my car quartet.


These irresistible lines have been fascinating me already as a child. At that time I had not yet fallen in love with Citroën and Mercedes. No, the big BMW coupé was at the top of the podium that days.


And even today I get this tingly feeling my stomach when I look at this piece of automotive history. It’s like a photo shooting with an exciting model. These lines – unique!


Look at me again, before you move on.

Who knows when we shall meet again? Hopefully it will not take another 40 years?

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  1. Scott Gregory says:

    Nice photos of the CSI. I remember that model well and was always enamoured by the style. Was this one silver in colour?
    I had a 1973 2002 in British Racing green with the tan leatherette interior and still wish I owned that car. There was I believe one 3.0 CSI in our city at the same time.
    Thanks for posting.

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