Photo Shoots

One focus of my photographic work are live performances of musicians and bands. Other topics include portraits, automobiles and architecture. I photograph your event or family celebration.

Some references from the field Musik can be found on the websites of Ron Evans, Steve Hooks and John Paiva.

You want a picture of your property, your product, or a desired motif in particular? I create your special request picture. Billing is based on effort and on the recommendations of the fee rates for professional photographers. The mentioned values there are guideline values​​, I will of course present a detailed offer.

An example from the field of object photography and image processing:
Client: GP Joule
Services: Digital reproduction of existing photographs from the years 1920-1988; object photography, design of a little exhibition with images in different sizes
Products: Photo prints on Alu-Dibond, UV protective film
Sizes: from 20 x 30cm to 72 x 180 cm.

On the website of the Petersen farm you also find newly created, panoramic montages and digital processed analog photographs from this project. The aerial photos on the website mentioned above were provided by Hans-Thomas Hansen.

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